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 Sure has been FOREVER since I've been here. Maybe this summer I'll finally have time to "blog". Would be be able to use the computer for non-school related crap. 

As of Wednesday, I'm done with college.
Been a while since I have been here. I'm mainly on Facebook now: name is Hayley Starr Snyder.
Nate's camping until Monday. We are going to my mom's cousins house for a BBQ. But boy, is it a windy 4th of July! I'll try to take some pictures; hopefully her flowers are in full bloom like they were last year. They are gorgeous.
Custom made slave anklets
$1 each

Women's sizes:
X-Small (child)
Small-Medium (7-9)
Medium-Large (9-11)
X-Large (11+)

Men's Sizes:
Small-Medium: size 7-10
Medium-Large: 10-12
X-Large: 12+

Beads come in the pictured colors. There are 4 beads on each slavelet. There is the option of black or white lace.

When ordering your custom slavelet, please include:

1) Men's or Women's Size
2) 2 colors for toe beads
3) color for TOP adjuster bead
4) color for BOTTOM decoration bead
5) color of lace

Slavelets are to be worn as a fashion accessory, and are not intended to be worn during strenuous activities.

To order:
  • email me at:
  • comment on here
  • message me through LJ

Shipping in the US is $1
Shipping out of US is $2

Can you save the Poor, Dead Furbies??

Save us, please!!